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Project Uganda

In 2023, partnering with local leaders, we embark on a goal to restore Ugandan communities through relationship transformation

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A Couples and
Family Therapy Initiative

Empowering the counselors and leaders of Uganda

Restoring our community through relationship transformation

In Uganda, intimate partner violence affects almost half of the population.

Increased rates of dysfunctional couple and family dynamics has led to a crisis in relationships with many divorces and separations, overwhelming both mental health professionals and leaders in communities trying to support people in distress. 

Uganda is largely a communal society, meaning relational violence and couples distress affects more than just immediate family and children, it hurts the entire community. 

Organized and led by Ugandan leaders in mental health...

this project is partnering with Conexa and Renova to bring trainers and therapists with experience in Emotionally Focused Couple therapy (EFT) to lead trainings, workshops, and mentorships on the ground in Uganda to a community starved for breakthrough in relational and systemic work.  

The counselors in Uganda have a tremendous interest in Systems Training, especially in couples work, leading to a great interest and need for this project. Historically Uganda is connected through Ubuntu culture - compassion, reciprocity, dignity, harmony and humanity in the interests of building and maintaining community with justice and mutual caring. Due to factors such as but not limited to; drug and alcohol abuse, disputes over private property and infidelity - our community has come out of balance. This initiative gives us a chance to restore our relationships in our community. 

This initiative, with a team of trainers, therapists and leaders will:

  • Provide multiple Couple Workshops to leaders in the community to introduce them to relationship concepts and empower them to help each other.

  • Provide a large scale training in EFT to professionals.

  • Provide therapy opportunities to counselors and leaders in Uganda.

  • Build relationships and mentorships where clinicians in Uganda and the U.S. may learn from each other and collaborate.

  • Train professionals from the U.S. in cross-cultural collaboration.

We need your support to restore relationships
in our community.

We are raising $25,000 to cover the costs of this initiative.


In Uganda, a donation of $85 would sponsor a

Ugandan therapist for a day of training. A donation of

$340 would cover 4-day externship training.

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Meet Ronald Asiimwe

Uganda Couple Therapist


After working in mental health in his home country, Ronald came to the United States to pursue his master's in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) at Oklahoma Baptist University and is currently completing his Ph.D. in the same field at Michigan State University. 


In collaboration with scholars from Michigan State University and Makerere University School of Psychology, Ronald is working on a project entitled "A Strategic Partnership to Strengthen Mental Healthcare Capacity and Clinical Training in Primary Care in Uganda.” The goal of this partnership is to strengthen the capacity of the mental health system in Uganda and equip providers with the necessary training and resources to be able to respond to the mental health needs of individuals and families in Uganda. 

While in the US,  Ronald discovered and was trained in Emotional Focused Couple Therapy (EFT), one of the most powerful couple therapy models. He has a passionate belief that EFT could profoundly impact the work of couple and family therapy in Uganda. Thus, in partnership with the Uganda Counseling Association and his Ugandan colleagues Dr. Rosco Kasujja, President of the Uganda Clinical Psychology Association, and Pendo Galukande, a Couple/Marriage and Family Therapist in Uganda, Ronald has invited a team of international mental health professionals to partner with him on the EFT Project Uganda. 

Project Uganda Leadership Team


Ronald Asiimwe

Team leader of Project Uganda


Dr. Rosco Kasujja

Clinical Psychologist, President of the Uganda Clinical Psychology Association


Pendo Galukande

MFT in Uganda, author of "Demystifying the Drama of Marriage"


Dr. Elmien Lesch

EFT Trainer for South Africa, Professor at Stellenbosch University, head of research


Dr. Mark Maxwell

Director of Conexa, Community transformation development

Paul G_DSC_7187.jpg

Dr. Paul Guillory

EFT Trainer, Professor at U.C. Berkeley, Author of “Emotionally Focused Therapy with African American Couples: Love Heals.”


Kathryn de Bruin

EFT Trainer, Supervisor, Director of Renova

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