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Pamoja Kenya Immersion

Conexa East Africa is launching an Immersion experience into Nairobi, Kenya June 23rd through July 7th for therapist professionals and students to work in collaboration with Kenyan leaders in transforming their communities in mental and relational health.

In Kenya, relational violence affects almost half of the population.

Kenya is largely a communal society, meaning relational violence and couples distress effects more than just immediate family and children, it hurts the entire community.

In our Kenyan communities, relational violence manifests in various forms, but the most common ones are 1) intimate partner violence, and 2) violence against children/child maltreatment. Increased rates of dysfunctional couple and family dynamics has led to a crisis in relationships with many individuals, couples, and families experiencing increased rates of trauma, depression, and anxiety alongside, many divorces and separations. Put together, these skyrocketing breakdowns in family relationships have left many stakeholders such as,  mental health professionals and community leaders overwhelmed with the burden of care

PAMOJA (Swahili) : Together

The Pamoja initiative is organized and led by Kenyan leaders in mental health in partnership with Conexa to bring trainers and therapists with experience in the trauma-informed evidence-based Emotionally Focused Couple therapy (EFT) to facilitate trainings, workshops, and mentorships to a community starved for breakthrough in relational and systemic work. 

Our initiative strives to partner with people who are coming from outside of us, to be a part of us, to help us restore relationships within our community. 

In 2023, Conexa launched a similar  initiative “Project Uganda” in neighboring Uganda, which was a huge success and it is through this initial training that Kenyan leaders in mental health rallied to have the initiative brought to their communities.

This initiative, with a team of trainers, therapists and leaders will learn and grow through:


Facilitating an EFT Externship

Assist the trainers, be a group leader or simply participate!


Immersion Experiences

Provide opportunities for mental health professionals and students from the U.S. to engage in cross-cultural immersion experiences around various aspects of mental health training and practice in Kenya.


Providing Workshops

Help collaborate in providing multiple workshops to leaders in the community to introduce them to relationship concepts and empower them to help each other


Serve professionals

Provide therapy opportunities to counselors and leaders in Kenya


Building relationships

Build relationships and mentorships where clinicians in Kenya and the U.S. may learn from each other and collaborate.

Support Project Pamoja

We are seeking $70,000 by May 2024 to launch Project Pamoia in Nairobi, Kenya June 23-July 7, 2024. Funds will provide:

  • Support to therapists making the two week trip

  • scholarships for 50 professionals from low-resource settings in Kenya to attend the training

  • scholarships for 10 US-based BIPOC mental health students to travel with the Conexa team to Kenva

  • EFT trainer costs and support event logistics including venue rentals in Kenya.

Meet the Kenya Team

Project Pamoja is being led by these amazing Kenyan Professionals

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Apply for Grant Support

Conexa is offering a $500 Diversity Microgrant to BIPOC students and professionals seeking to attend Project Pamoja. Apply here!

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